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It‘s worth becoming a member of the List and Index Society, because it considerably reduces the cost of publications. There are two types of membership.

Individual membership

Membership costs £5 per year and gives you a discount (normally 33%) on the prices of all publications. You‘ll also receive details of new volumes in advance of their publication. You must purchase membership before ordering any volumes.

You will immediately be sent a Discount Code by email, which you then use when paying for volumes. Make a note of this code, which you can use when making subsequent orders. The membership year runs from 1 June so each code lasts until the next 31 May.

Institutional membership

Institutional membership (also £5 per year) carries an obligation to purchase all new volumes published by the Society, until the membership is cancelled. The volumes are despatched at the time of publication, with an invoice that includes the annual membership fee.

We also accept subscriptions made through agencies such as Swets, Blackwells, Ebsco, Harrassowitz, and Coutts, on behalf of institutions.

To enquire about instutional membership, please contact us.