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Charter roll

Special offer:
a major publishing venture completed

All four volumes of the Diary of Thomas Fenwick for £95

New volumes published in 2012
dingbat The last two volumes of the Diary of Thomas Fenwick
dingbat Volume III of Kent at Law, 1602 – Star Chamber
dingbat Two volumes of the Enrolled Customs Accounts
dingbat A further volume of the Royal Charter Witness Lists, covering the period 1426 to 1516
dingbat A further volume of Pardons and Punishments: Judges' Reports on Criminals, covering the period 1783 to 1830
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Special offer

All three published volumes of Kent at Law for £125

Download the revised indices for Kent at Law III

Forthcoming titles
dingbat More in the Patent Rolls series
dingbat Further volumes of Kent at Law, 1602
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